(Unless It's To Show Off Off How Strong You Got At Home...)

Heyyyyyy girl, I’ve got a question for you…

In one year from now, will you look back on this year as your healthiest yet?

Will your body, mind, and spirit be radiating positivity and confidence?

And what will it take to look and feel your best – this year, next year, and in the decade ahead?
The fact is, there’s simply no substitute for consistency.

And you guys know that! 

How do I know? Because one of the most common questions I receive is…

What Should I do After I'm Done With
The 14- Day Metabolism Reset,
And The Body Sculpting Series?

What Should I Do After 
I’m Done With 
The 14-Day Metabolism Reset, And The Body Sculpting Series?
I’ll admit it – doing the same workouts over and over again gets boring. 

But you’ve got to stay at it.

And as you know, all you need are 3 of my workouts a week.

Just 3 high-energy, twenty-minute workouts per week to stay trim, healthy, and radiant, all year.

(Of course, you’re welcome to do more… just don’t overtrain!)

So when you’re done with the 14-Day Reset, and you’re ready for more, it’s my pleasure to invite you to join…

Radiant Me Monthly:
The Best Way To Stay Healthy !

 Yes, it’s finally here… my monthly membership.

Radiant Me Monthly has over 90 different classes – and girl, we’ve still got a whole year ahead of us!

I’ll be posting one new class every week, so you’ll never get bored, or run out of options.

You can choose the workout that you feel like doing that day… I’m launching with classes in the following categories:
  • Warm-Up (to get the blood flowing)
  • ​Lower Body (shape and lift that booty!)
  • ​Cardio (to keep the metabolism burning)
  • ​Upper Body (but no bulky arms)
  • ​Core/Abs (is this the year that your abs will pop?)
  • ​Cool Down (because a good stretch is never a bad idea)
  • ​Yoga
 And there’s lots more coming – Prenatal, Postnatal and some fun other categories… trust me, you’ll never run out of new classes to try.

Not only that, but…

I'll Be Leading Each And Every Class,
From Beginning To End

So all you’ll need to do is to grab your sports bra, load up the workout you want to do, and click the “play” button…

…then follow my lead for the next twenty minutes.

I’ll be coaching you on form, motivating you when I know you’ll need to “push through,” and celebrating with you when our twenty minutes are up.

That’s because I want you to stay consistent, and I know the best way to make that happen is to make it FUN and EASY for you to follow along.
So there’s no PDF you’ll need to download… no movements to memorize… just load up a class, and get ready to burn fat, and build lean muscle. And even better…

The Classes Are Only The Start
Of Your Membership

The Classes Are Only The Start Of Your Membership
I’ll be surprising you every month with bonuses and extras.

For example – I’ll be sharing my Spotify workout playlists. They pretty much turn every class into a dance party ;)

And I’ll you will get calendars – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – so you can pick the programming that’s right for your fitness level.
You’ll get special notices and discounts on my favorite health and fitness products.

And you’ll want to look out for the “Coffee Talks,” where I’ll be having live conversations with you, and anyone else, who wants to chat about health, femininity, relationships, and heck… life.

I’m confident that it’s going to be the best, healthiest money you spend all year, so…

Let's Talk About How Much
Radiant Me Monthly Costs

WAY less than a gym membership.
Far less than ClassPass. 
And even less than a few lattes!
I’ll be charging just $14.97 a month for new members to Radiant Me Monthly for the first six months, then increasing it to $19.97 a month.

(I’ll be adding so much more content, so it’ll easily be worth that much)

But today, since you’re already an insider, I have a special New Year’s offer for you:

You can join Radiant Me Monthly for only $9.97 a month!

And if you want to prepay for the whole year, you’ll only pay $99.97 – that’s like getting two months for free ;)

And your rate will be locked in forever… even when I raise the price for future members.

Oh, and guess what?

You Won't Even Be Charged For 14 Days

Just complete the short, secure checkout form on the next page.

It’ll authorize your credit card, but you won’t be charged a penny until 14 days from now.

(whether you choose the monthly option, or the full year prepay)

Then once your card has been authorized, the membership will be unlocked for you, and you’ll have two full weeks to get in there, do some classes with me, and decide if you want to stay onboard.
If you decide it’s not right for you, all you need to do is call or email my wonderful Customer Happiness team, and we’ll cancel the charges before they hit.

And if you ever decide you want to stop your membership in the future, nooooo worries at all – just call or write in, and we’ll stop it on the spot. No hassle, no fuss!

Basically, You're Paying Less Than 50 Cents A Day

…and just about half of that if you go with the full year prepay, at 27 cents a day!

I sincerely hope that your health and longevity are worth that much to you – and if you like taking classes with me, then this should be a no-brainer.

And considering the fact that you can try it for free… well… I think the only thing left here is for you to get started!
The First 200 Members 
Will Be Entered To Win Some AWESOME Prizes!

Start The Year Off Right-
And Plan To End It Strong

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions and crazy goals we never end up achieving...

I believe in consistency.

That’s why I built Radiant Me Monthly – so that come April… come June… come September… come December 2020… you’re still enjoying fun and exciting new workouts.
And listen – I’m not going to tell you to cancel your gym membership.

In fact, it might even be fun to show up from time to time, and show off some of the moves you’ve learned from my classes (and not to mention, your hot bod).

But if you want to follow a simple, proven plan for managing your weight, your health, and your energy, I’ve got you covered.

Join Radiant Me Monthly today, and let’s make this your healthiest year ever!
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